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Welcome To Paradise Island of Bali

Warm Greetings. Welcome to Bali Island, It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Bali, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The uniqueness of Balinese life and culture awaits you to explore as well as its fertile land with the tropical plants and spices.

Experience the journey coast to mountain Bali and dicover the various tropical vegetation, unique traditional life activities and much more.. Wishing you all the best for the Bali journey.

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Trip Tips In Bali :

Bali Trip Tips News


Inspiring Green Trip

Bali has been blessed with so much rain this early January! Have a closer look to the life of Bali farmers cultivating their land as most area starts planting season. See how they irrigate the land from mountain down to the sea in traditional way...more



Cooking class with true Balinese hospitality

Introducing village Laplapan Paon Bali cooking class Ubud. Experience a country side village walk to learn traditional local house structure, tropical vegetation and spices. Enter the Balinese kitchen and get ready to be guided by the family cooking a number of Balinese cuisines. Spicy hot!!!!…more


Elephant safari ride

Bali Elephant Camp is offering you a natural elephant ride trek. Sit and relax on top of elephant and enjoy lush tropical trees, beautiful Ayung river valley, sounds of the nature. Taste the spicy Indonesian food at a restaurant with a stunning view...more


Interaction with Dolphin

How close have  you been with funny and cute dolphin? What if you can touch its soft skin and it follows your orders! This rare unforgettable experience awaits you!...more




Full day trip Kintamani Volcano and Balinese dance Trip...


Bali trip tips com - Full day trip Kintamani Volcano and Balinese dance Trip. This tour presents a great Bali island introduction. The first stop is a little village of Batu Bulan where a traditional Balinese dance called "Barong and Keris Dance" is performed. It is danced by the local villagers every morning. The dance is signified an eternal fight between the good and evil. The story is taken from Maha Bharata, one of the famous Hindu epics from India. Visit to a traditional Balinese home compound will take you an insight experience of the daily life of local people...more





Nature's Best Country Side and Lake Temple Trip...


Bali trip tips com - If you wish to see the "REAL FERDANT BALI", this is the trip!

Open wide rice terraces, lush tropical rain forest, hidden sacred temple on the slope of Mount Batukaru are the highlights of the trip. First stop is the Butterfly Park in the regency of Tabanan, famous for the rice barns. Then continue to Batukaru temple located up to 1000 m above the sea level, where you can feel the cool Bali temperature! Drive through the scenic rice filed view of Jatiluwih village...more



Halfday Trip...


Uluwatu Sun Set Temple Trip


Bali trip tips com - Take a short afternoon trip to the most southern tip of the island Uluwatu temple. This beautiful ancient temple is dating back 11th century located on the clift overlooking to the Indian Ocean. It is such a spectacular site to enjoy sun set while watching a traditional Balinese Kecak and Monkey dance...more



Royal Family Temple, Monkey Forest and Tanah Lot Sun Set Temple Trip...


Bali trip tips com - If you have booked for a morning program, then make sure you do not miss the afternoon trip to complete the day.

First visit is the Royal Family Temple of Taman Ayun in Mengwi village. This beautiful planed temple sets in the middle of moat. Consisting three court yards, this temple is to honor the ancestors of the Royal Family of the former Mengwi Kingdom. Intricate stone carvings along the wall, the massive temple gates, "Meru" shrines are amongs the point of interest of this temple beside the well kept temple garden... more



Rent a car with driver speaking English ( Private Car Charter)


Explore this magnificent island “as you please” with your own private car and your own driver. Stop where you like and for as long as you like...more


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Helpful tips from Bali trip tips com

I learned these travel tips and insights on my trips to Bali. They are worth knowing before you leave on your Bali trip.

When to come Bali trip tips com
Bali has five tourist seasons. The best one for you depends on variables such as time, money, weather, and availability.
Pre-prime season
From April to May. Rooms in Bali are easily found and prices, crowds and the weather are moderate.
Prime season Bali trip tips com
Spans May through September. Sunny days rule -- it seldom rains. However, prices and crowding soar, and airline seats and hotel rooms in Bali are heavily booked, particularly in August.
Post-prime season Bali trip tips com
From September to mid December. Variables similar to the pre-prime season (see).
Holiday season Bali trip tips com
Spans mid-December to early-January when visitors come for their Christmas and New Year's vacations. Like the prime season, prices and crowds rise -- and airline seats and hotel space become scarce. The biggest difference is more rain.
Rainy season Bali trip tips com
This category spans from early-January to April (though the actual rainy season starts in December). Everything comes down -- prices, crowds, room scarcity and, of course, the rain. That's not as bad as it seems because the rainfall is the refreshing warm tropical variety (not the cold damp type temperate zone residents experience). Moreover, there will always be plenty of sun during the rainy season.

How long to stay Bali trip tips com
Don't underestimate the number of days you'll need. I've asked many a traveler who has been to Bali, "What was your biggest misgiving about your Bali vacation." Most responded that they wished they had added more days to their Bali trips.

At the very least, you need 7 to 10 days. A month would be even better. Bali has many interesting attractions.

Bargaining Bali trip tips com
It's a fun sport worth learning because it will save you money in Bali. All it takes is a little practice to gain your confidence.

Many sellers automatically inflate their prices beforehand in the expectation that you will bargain them down. If you don't, you're going to grossly overpay -- and often earn their disrespect for being naive.

If something doesn't have a price tag, the cost is likely negotiable. If it is marked, you have to trust your instinct whether to negotiate or not. Obviously, most merchants such as quality pharmacies, upmarket hotel stores and major departments stores seldom if ever negotiate. But you may be surprised at the number of upscale sellers that do (including exclusive art studios and galleries).
Here's how to negotiate Bali trip tips com
First, establish in your mind what you're truly willing to pay (your ultimate max). Next, ask the seller, "What's your very, very lowest price?" Offer considerably less than what he quotes you (don't be shy about offering 50% of his opening figure). Then -- after a series of friendly back-and-forth counter offers -- you and the vendor reach a mutually fair and acceptable figure.

Money exchange Bali trip tips com
Knowing the options can noticeably decrease the cost of your Bali vacation.
Credit cards Bali trip tips com
Pay for your purchases with a major credit card -- American Express, MasterCard or Visa -- whenever possible. The applied rate of exchange used by those cards to calculate your statement billings is likely to be more favorable to you than if you exchanged cash or (especially) travelers checks into the Indonesian currency, the rupiah.
Cash vs travelers checks Bali trip tips com
You receive a noticeably better exchange rate for a major foreign currency than you will for travelers checks. Moreover, you often have to pay an extra fee for cashing travelers checks - that's in addition to the fee you originally paid to purchase them.
Which currency to bring?
You gain more buying power if you exchange hard-currency cash -- such as the Japanese yen and Australian dollar. But for the highest relative rate, bring euros or US dollars.
Dollar denominations Bali trip tips com
The dollar denomination affects the exchange rate. Prime reason: The larger the denomination, the less likely the bill will be a counterfeit. That's why US$100 bills get appreciably better rates than $50 bills, which get appreciably better rates than $20 bills. Only some money exchangers bother with $10 bills -- and if you have $5 and $1 bills, forget it. Whatever the denomination, bring the latest design style of US currency. And, be sure notes are crisp, unmarred and unwrinkled.
Money exchangers Bali trip tips com
Professional money exchange establishments (particularly those in Kuta's main shopping areas) normally give you significantly better exchange rates than banks, which in turn give you appreciably better rates than you get at hotels and the airport. Note: Although nearly all Balinese money exchangers are honest, there are a few who "accidentally" miscount, use sleight of hand deception, use rigged calculators or tag on unexpected commissions. Best to get a reliable local source to point you to one of the many reliable money exchangers.

Taxi meters Bali trip tips com
Cab fares in Bali are very low if you're charged the metered rate. As you step into a taxi, specify to the driver that you want the meter to run. If he says his meter is broken, get out because it's likely a ruse. Once the cab gets rolling, be sure the meter is running. Otherwise, you risk being charged an exorbitant fare.

Cab fleets in Bali are color coded. The white taxis branded "Bali Taxi Company" are one of the trustworthy fleets.

Car hire Bali trip tips com
While it makes sense to rent a car in most places, it usually doesn't in Bali. For the same amount you would pay to rent a small car (about $50), you can hire a comfortable automobile that comes with a capable driver plus a knowledgeable guide.

Remember, in Bali, it's easy for strangers to get lost, cars drive on the left, roads are very narrow, oncoming traffic passes you with inches to spare, vehicles dart out from side streets without warning, some vehicles don't use lights at night. Should you have an accident, you won't be able to leave the country until damages are settled -- even if the accident is the other guy's fault. So sit back, leave the driving to your chauffeur and enjoy the passing Bali scenery.

Photography Bali trip tips com
The intense overhead equatorial light can turn great shots into poor ones. For vividly color photos of scenes such as temples and rice paddies, click them in the early morning or late afternoon.

Etiquette Bali trip tips com
Respect Balinese customs, rituals and sensibilities (remember, you are a guest on their island). This means, for example:
Don't take a picture of anyone without first obtaining permission.
Don't enter a temple unless you're completely covered knees to shoulders.
Ditto if you're menstruating. Bali trip tips com
Don't touch anyone's head or point at someone.
Don't expose the sole of your shoe by, for instance, crossing your legs as you sit.
Don't give or receive an object with your left hand.

Before visiting
The U.S. State Department issues travel warnings on various countries. Go to its website ( then click its "travel warnings" link.

Airlines Bali trip tips com
Confirm your reservations in Bali 72 hours before departure time. Otherwise, with some airlines, you could be bumped off the confirmed reservation list. Always call the airline before heading to the airport. Cancellations of flights to other islands is not a rarity.

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Tips for Women Travellers in Bali

Sexual harassment and rape are not too common in Bali, as far as foreigners are concerned. Many foreign women come to Bali looking for a holiday romance. Nothing wrong with that, just saying there is a well worn path, and many Bali beach boys, especially in the Kuta area, are actively trying to get together with foreign women, for the financial benefits. If this does not include you, don’t stress, be polite and say you are married. Many solo women travelers wear a ring, to indicate marriage. Ignore the pettier kinds of behavior (whistling, shouting, etc.), but make a scene if you are ever pressured into doing things against your will, or are being moved from one location to another. If you are raped / attacked, call the Bali Police, (0361) 224111, and contact your consulate.
-Dress code in Bali : Bali in a Hindu island and therefore enjoys relaxed attitudes to things of a sexual nature. Hindu art and Balinese dances, often contain deliberately suggestive material. On the beach you can go topless, without too much to worry about, though nude bathing is not cool.
Out at night you can wear pants, a dress, a skirt, or shorts, no worries. Indonesian women out late in the party scene often wear skimpy outfits, so you can enjoy the tropical climate, and not feel you have to cover up.
One place where you should cover up, is a Balinese temple. You’ll need a long sleeve, non-revealing shirt, sarong & sash (which you can often rent). You may not enter a Balinese temple during menstruation, as the Balinese consider you ‘sebel‘ (ritually unclean).
-Tampons, medicines and the Pill are available at local apoteks (pharmacies), but it’s more convenient to bring supplies from home. If you’re on the Pill, bring enough to last your entire trip (and remember that severe vomiting or diaorrhea can render it ineffective).
-Health care and pregnancy: Private healthcare in Bali is okay; if you find you’re pregnant during your trip, go to a nearby private doctor or hospital for advice. SOS International or BIMC are good clinics, both in the Kuta area. Most large hotel / resorts will have a doctor on call.
-Hospitals & Clinics in Bali.
Abortion is illegal in Indonesia, however, I know 2 people who have gone to a clinic in Bali, and had one, so ask around if you need one.
-Travelling in the rest of Indonesia:
The rest of Indonesia, with the exception of Jakarta, has way less foreigners. You will find yourself in the extreme minority, when traveling through Lombok, Java, Sumatra etc. While not generally dangerous, there are certain places that offer a higher degree of personal risk than others, including Papua, Aceh, Central Sulawesi. You should research your trip and talk to locals, for the latest news about your next destination.
The rest of Indonesia is either Muslim, Christian, or some variety of animist religion. When travelling in Muslim areas, its good for women to wear a non-revealing top, and long pants, definitely no sexy wear. Now, here’s the flip-side. In Jakarta you’ll find nightlclubs galore, that’s different. All across Indonesia there are whore houses galore, that still doesn’t mean its a good idea for you to wear sexy clothing. Locals will wonder why you are traveling in a foreign land without your ‘husband’, so you want to give them the impression you are just another traveler, so as not to draw attention. In general you will not have any major problems travelling as a female in Indonesia.